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A New Year
Another new year
Same old shit
Something memorable
I'd rather forget
The death of a love
On this day of new
Hungover and miserable
One thing stays true
Shit's all the same
But we say that it's not
Another year's here
I'm still the same
I'll take the hit
I'll eat the blame
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 2 1
Death is freedom-Eternal peace
Death is never worrying again
Death is a release from the grips of insanity
Death is why I live
Death is nothing without life
Death is releasing the chains of misery
Death is sparring
Death couldn't come sooner
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 3 5
We change our colors
Like socks and shirts
It doesn't matter
It will not hurt
Time is change
And change is time
It isn't bad
It's not a crime
We change for reasons
Known to us
While others complain
Moan and fuss
We change our colors
For good and bad
For happy reasons
Others sad
Shed your skin
Be who you want
Change your colors
From back and front
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 6 4
I search for the good in people
Though I cannot stand myself
I don't ask for nothing
Though I know that I need help
Sometimes I look too deep
But I always try to find
An entrance to their heart
A sparkle in their mind
The mirror is a reminder
Of what I'll never be
The mirror is a reminder
Of what I'll always see
I cannot look into your eyes
As I look into my own
I strive to find a meaning
With myself I must atone
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 5 6
Mature content
Fucked Up :iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 4 7
Up The River
Coming home after 10 long years
Seen my mother drowning in her tears
They don't understand why I did what I did
I don't either, I was still a kid
But eighteen is eighteen and the law don't care
They gave me prison orange, shaved my hair
Spent my time bored and in a tiny cell
They call this prison, I call it hell
I won't speak of the things that I saw
But I spent some time staring at a wall
Coming home after 10 long years
I want to make things right, quell your fears
I'm a little different now, but still the same
I missed so much, and it's a shame
I'll make it up, I'll get a job
I won't lie no more, cheat or rob
After 10 long years I'm down to change
After 10 long years it seems so strange
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 4 0
Some things are better left unsaid
You got your demons, I have mine
Sometimes it's better to suffer in silence
I can't explain it in words for better understanding
I can't be held by the past, depressed or dwelling
I can't worry about the future, anxiety isn't a friend
I got today, that's all I need, that's what I live for
Tomorrow is another day, an uncontrollable force
So who is to say that things change
Change is what life is, and for many they can't cope
I will break these chains, I got today
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 2 5
The tides of my mind have receded
The tides of my mind overflow
The tides of my mind are a comfort
The tides of my mind won't go
The waters of yesterday are gone
They're washed way away from the bridge
These floods of memories churning
Reminding me that's why I live
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 1 0
It Doesn't Matter
I'm thinking she's thinking 'bout cheating
I'm hoping that it ain't so
She's thinking of greener pastures
I'm lying here all alone
It doesn't matter, anyhow
It doesn't matter, right now
I'm thinking I'm in too deep now
I'm wishing that I was home
But if I get there and it's empty
I'm gonna feel so alone
It doesn't matter, anyway
It doesn't matter, what I say
I'm praying she'll pick right up
When I call her on the phone
But if I try and she don't answer
I'm gonna know that I'm alone
It doesn't matter, anyhow
It doesn't matter, right now
I was thinking of picket fences
She was thinking 'bout leaving home
And if she does I'll fly the white flag
Cause it's looking like I'm alone
It doesn't matter, anyway
It doesn't matter, what I say
It don't matter, oh no
It doesn't matter, alone
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 3 3
We Keep Ourselves Hidden
The things that we do, the secrets we share
When no one's around, and we do not care
The smell of your hair, those beautiful lips
Caressing your skin with my soft fingertips
When no one's around, and we're all to ourselves
We open our hearts, put our cares on the shelf
The things that we do, so dirty and sweet
And only we know, to tell is defeat
We'll never be, I know, it's a shame
But still we have each other, our own little game
We'll speak when we can, we'll make love if it's right
I find myself wishing it was every night
But life's cards are dealt, we know what's forbidden
But no one can judge, when we keep ourselves hidden
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 1 5
Drinking and Smoking
I’ve drank two fifths of whiskey in one night’s time
An achievement, I know, and worth every dime
Drinking, destructing, renewal within
Living, and breathing, washing in sin
Two packs of Marlboros to add to that night
A rip roaring bastard, just down for a fight
I’ve won many of them, but lost quite a few
Three against one and you’re bound to be screwed
But now I drink beer, it keeps me in check
I don’t look for no fights, don’t feel like a wreck
The cigarettes still gotta flow through my lips
Stagnant and filthy, my right finger tips
I don’t really know why I’m writing this down
I’m bored and hungover, just fooling around
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 1 2
Stand Up
I'll self-destruct like a live hand grenade
I've no more worries, my dues have been paid
Tried to live on through the eyes of a fool
But I'll not be subject of your ridicule
I've lived the lives of a thousand young men
And at 34 I'll do it again
I'll fight to my death on the rights I believe
I'll do what it takes, what you can't conceive
I've said it before and I'll say it again
I'll die for my family, those I love, and my friends
The tides are receding, the moon has arose
I live with these choices, I am composed
To live is to die and die is to live
My one lonely life is but all I can give
To see from the forest, I rise from the trees
Nothing to say and no weakening pleas
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 1 0
All I Can Do
All I can do is to think of her eyes
Left here, unwanted, unloved, and despised
All I can do is to think of her smell
It takes me to levels of the lowest hell
All I can do is to picture her lips
And how I’d caress them with my finger tips
All I can do is to imagine her voice
She’s left now, there’s nothing, I have little choice
All I can do is to think of her walk
The ways that she moved, the way she would talk
All I can do is remember the past
It’s all that I know, it’s now in the past
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 2 0
Shackled to these thoughts, shackled to these dreams
Shackled to myself and shackled with no means
A victim of myself, a color deep in green
Things I’ve left unsaid, things I didn’t mean
I envy all your zest, for somewhere I lost mine
I wish to disappear, and I think that it would fine
Shackled to my thoughts, a prisoner in my head
Angry at myself, a color of dark red
Shackled to the things that I can never change
Shackled to my image, this creature oh so strange
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 0 0
Run Away With Me
Well your mom and dad, they don’t like me much
And I aint a fan of them
Want to run you down, baby, into the ground
And girl, it just ain’t fair
Run Away With Me, Run Away With Me, Baby, Run Away With Me
I don’t know where we’ll go, but we’re all alone, Baby, Run Away With Me
Well we’ll make our path to some different shore
Baby, only you and me
We don’t need no one, now we’ll have our fun
Honey run away with me
Run Away With Me, Run Away With Me, Baby, Run Away With Me
I don’t know where we’ll go, but we’re all alone, Baby, Run Away With Me
So the sun might set, and the time may go
But at least tonight we’re free
Said we’ll go somewhere where they can’t find us
And we’ll finally be left be
Run Away With Me, Run Away With Me, Baby, Run Away With Me
I don’t know where we’ll go, but we’re all alone, Baby, Run Away With Me
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 0 0
Left Side of the Road
While I never took the time, I often wonder what if I did
To try and grow up slow, try to grow up like a kid
Hadn’t I strayed for oh so long, hadn’t I taken the path going left
Had I never tried to grow up fast, had I only held my breath
I pissed away the better things to go beyond my means
I went from 12 to 20, hell, I skipped right passed my teens
I never told you that I loved you, never tried to spend the time
I went right for the nothing, lived in peril, pain, and grime
Now I’m seeing life through the backside of the card
At times I find it frightening, at times I feel it’s hard
I hope my kids are different, that they ain’t like their dad
I hope they find patience, don’t spend their lives so mad
I hope they take the path, the right side of the cross road
I hope that there is hope, for them and where they go
:iconeyes0eyes:eyes0eyes 0 0


Scan 20141211 (4) by SterretjieKruger Scan 20141211 (4) :iconsterretjiekruger:SterretjieKruger 3 0 Pink sensation zentangle by yael360 Pink sensation zentangle :iconyael360:yael360 197 17 Inktober7 by Zhjake Inktober7 :iconzhjake:Zhjake 2 0 Auroras by Thunderi Auroras :iconthunderi:Thunderi 133 13 Man Soma by luparb
Mature content
Man Soma :iconluparb:luparb 2 1
Surrender by TSWright Surrender :icontswright:TSWright 5 0 Underbridge by DarkenedSoul12 Underbridge :icondarkenedsoul12:DarkenedSoul12 5 0
I let out a soft sigh
As I hung up all my dreams
All my hopes
That's been a burden
To me
Soft gust's embrace
Brings back all
Those times that I passed
Those smiles
Those tears
Those heartbreaking farewells
Those loss
Those meetings
All come together
As I feel my throat
Letting out a chuckle
And as I feel the palm of my hands
Brushing against the hard surface
Of a long, brown rope
Fingers tangling together
In an up most beautiful synchronization
My lips quivering from both fear
And the sheer of happiness
As my mind slip into insanity
As my head slip into a gap
Of a noose
I feel light
I feel my legs are pulling me down
I feel my throat being choked
I feel my mouth gasping for air
With minutes passed from that moment
My once filled with life eyes
Turns dull and filled with void of nothingness
My skin turns awfully pale
My head hung down
Bubbles and saliva dripping from my mouth
My lifeless body swing back and forth
I commited suicide.
:iconh-urtedprussian:H-urtedPrussian 4 11
an atheist's prayer
dear god,
i planted no tulips in autumn
and no tulips came in spring.
how silly of me, then
to mourn the empty garden,
to long for fields of amsterdam,
to kneel at night in cold dirt,
hands folded.
i’ve learned there is
a certain ache in lacking
a thing never had, that small itch
whose relief is two seasons past –
so god, if you can hear me,
know that i am homesick
for amsterdam,
whose name, like yours, i know
but whose flowers i cannot see.
:iconmoondrums:moondrums 266 134
[Vent] Not me today.
Tears, all over my face,
Pain, all over my head.
My head is full of thoughts and memories I can not stop.
Disappointment, Arguments and hate have taken their price...
And all I wish for is to get out of myself,
If only for a day.
To get some air in my lungs...
Get some light in my heart.
Im broken down and barely hanging on.
Not me today,
Not me tomorrow,
Not me ever again.
:icondobbyscookiesock:DobbysCookieSock 1 0
Survivors Guilt
Survival - It is what we were born to do. Growing up, learning different ways to survive all of the obstacles that is in our way to keep going. Then one day, it hits you. You have survived "too much" for "too long." You start to think, " Why am I still alive while others have died from less severe situations? What makes me so special? Why didn't I die? Why did the more deserving of life die while I am still living my worthless life? I am not special." For all of the survivors. You are special, different, but special in your own unique way. There is a reason why you are alive and you should not let that go to waste by asking yourselves "why?" or "what if.." instead, live your life to the fullest with your second, or third, or forth chance of life to be the best kind of you there is. There is only one of you in this world. For the others, it was there time... And they are in peace. For you, it wasn't and you have to keep going. Don't keep going for everyone else because that will do noth
:icondarknightofhysteria:DarkNightOfHysteria 2 0
The Joys of P.T.S.D
All emotions and thoughts slowly build inside of me.
Fear, Hate, Anxiety, Pain...
So many flashbacks
So little time
Just give me one minute.
Please, one moment when time stops.
I need distractions,
Please, Help me forget for one second.
Help me forgive myself...
So many things going on in my head that I cannot concentrate.
Thoughts about my horrific past,
Thoughts about what my future holds,
Thoughts about the fear, the hatred, the sadness.
and despite all of these thoughts, I lack the concentration on the most important thing…
I do not live in the present.
I cannot focus on what’s around me this very moment.
Where am I?
How can I live now?
What do I do now?
What Can I do Now?
Oh the Joy of remembrance of all the suffering.
I wish I could remember everything else.
anything else.
For one minute, Let me remember a time where there was no pain…
Oh the Joy of being back to the place that I cannot forget.
The place of Darkne
:icondarknightofhysteria:DarkNightOfHysteria 5 0
Brimham Rocks 21 The Idol by fatgordon0 Brimham Rocks 21 The Idol :iconfatgordon0:fatgordon0 4 0 Black Earth, Green Leaves by jouheki-chan Black Earth, Green Leaves :iconjouheki-chan:jouheki-chan 4 0 morning by karolina-g morning :iconkarolina-g:karolina-g 3 2 Red clouds by Semessis Red clouds :iconsemessis:Semessis 4 0



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