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Another new year
Same old shit
Something memorable
I'd rather forget
The death of a love
On this day of new
Hungover and miserable
One thing stays true
Shit's all the same
But we say that it's not
Another year's here
I'm still the same
I'll take the hit
I'll eat the blame
A New Year
My dog died sometime over New Year's Night. What a way to start the year.
Death is freedom-Eternal peace
Death is never worrying again
Death is a release from the grips of insanity
Death is why I live
Death is nothing without life
Death is releasing the chains of misery
Death is sparring
Death couldn't come sooner
We change our colors
Like socks and shirts
It doesn't matter
It will not hurt
Time is change
And change is time
It isn't bad
It's not a crime
We change for reasons
Known to us
While others complain
Moan and fuss
We change our colors
For good and bad
For happy reasons
Others sad
Shed your skin
Be who you want
Change your colors
From back and front
I search for the good in people
Though I cannot stand myself
I don't ask for nothing
Though I know that I need help
Sometimes I look too deep
But I always try to find
An entrance to their heart
A sparkle in their mind
The mirror is a reminder
Of what I'll never be
The mirror is a reminder
Of what I'll always see
I cannot look into your eyes
As I look into my own
I strive to find a meaning
With myself I must atone

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You wasted your life on me
I'm fucked up and I'm sorry
I really do love you
But my eyes are starry
I seek attention and love
Which you always gave me
That just wasn't enough
I always seek the negative
I'm bad at appreciation
I love you for being everything that I'm not
I'm fucked up and I'm sorry
I think about just quitting
Before life catches up to fire me
And I know it's wrong
But I am what I am
I love you and I'm sorry
I'm fucked up
I know you see this in your "watch" section, so please, continue reading. Give me a topic, a person, an animal, anything that I can write/poem about. Just remember, no fuzzy, cutesy, happy shit, cause that isn't me. ;)



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